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Tech Development Simplified

Our Services

Cloud Services

We offer full set up and support for all infrastructure, platforms, software or technologies that your organization and its users need to access remotely.  With expertise in AWS, Azure, GoDaddy, Google Cloud and more, we can assist you in identifying your needs and design and develop a solution suited for your unique operational and financial circumstances.                                   

Technology Services

No project is too big or two small.  Our team is ready to take on any development project, ranging from website development to complex software solutions.  We offer full tech solutions for front end and backend development.  Our development starts with developing a clear project scope and wireframe with you to ensure you digital vision is materialized.  

Mobile Applications

Go mobile in e-commerce, education, communication, data sharing or communication.  Develop native or hybrid, for phones and tablets.  Stunning mobile apps created just for you.  

Website Development

Planning and design for online foot print.  Websites for company message, service offerings, e-commerce, collaboration or data access portals, we will design and build it for your unique needs.  Full implementation of SEO, analytics and more.  Integration with social media channels, mobile apps and other portals. 

Innovative technological solutions!

Not sure where to start or how to get there?  Contact us for a free hassle free consultation.  Together we will identify your goals and then design a full solution catered to your organizations unique needs and budget.  We can provide you with a turn key solution for all your tech development and support requirements.  

Consulting Services

We offer full consulting services for new projects or existing ones.  Contact us for a free consultation and let us help  you understand your options and develop a clear scope and cost analysis.  

Get a detailed insights of your business through data and analytics.  Ai6 will set you up for: 

  • Transforming data sets into quantitive and qualitative analysis

  • Create visual content, including maps, charts and graphs to identify and understand sales, risks, and customer behaviour.  

  • Aggregate key information to identify anomalies and bottlenecks, to help reduce the complexity of any process.

  • Intuitive and descriptive dashboards to view all your data at a glance.

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