• Tax

    • Canadian Tax Compliance

    • Canadian Tax Planning

    • Representation during tax audits

    • Assistance with CRA disputes

    • Book-keeping and filings

  • Loans and Debt Solutions

    • Obtaining financing for business and ventures

    • Corporate mortgages

    • Debt consolidations 

    • Consumer Proposals

    • Bankruptcies (commercial and personal)

  • Advertising ​

  • Social Media

  • Print production 

  • PR and Communication

  • Event Planning 


  • Business Registration

  • Organising the books, shares and partnership agreements

  • Tax Law

  • Copyrights, disputes and resolutions

  • Labour law

  • Human Rights


  • Website design and App development

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Technological Forensic Services

    • Data recovery and Analysis from computers and mobile devices

    • Cyber and Technological investigations (Frauds, Identity theft, Internal theft)

  • Network support, setup and security implementation

  • E-Discovery and training


Fire and Safety Management
  • Technical Review and Advisory Services

  • Development of Standardized Operational Procedures

  • Annual Employee Training, Developments and Exercise Programs

  • Building Fire Safety Plans & CAD Tactical Drawings

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis

  • Safety Training and data analytics and aggregation for at risk Geo locations



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