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Our Mission

Our title says it all.  Clean tech development for all.  Simplify the process for any user and deliver outstanding custom designed tech solutions for our clients unique needs.  

Enable growth through development or education.  

Our Story

Ai6 is the result of us full-filling our personal need to learn and grow. We started as a consulting company servicing small business clients in the start up stage.  

We started in the tech world as clients ourselves and quickly learned that we possessed the KSA to do the job cleaner, faster and better.  

Since then we have been delivering outstanding tech solutions to our clients. 


At Ai6 we believe every member is a leader. Together we have over 30 years of experience in I.T. and project management.  

Our services are delivered in a collaborative agile approach.  Our primary focus is to develop a clear, concise scope and wireframe.  This enables us to deliver our clients vision in a timely, cost effective methodology.  

Contact us to learn more.  

We Are Your "A" Team

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