Experts working together!

Ai6 is a one-stop shop for all your business needs.  We are a team of professionals and experts working together to help small and medium sized businesses succeed in Canada.  


Existing Businesses 

We will examine your current operations and advise you on how to grow beyond your expectations.  We assist by organizing your company, examining your finances and provide you with strategies that can maximize your earnings in a cost and tax efficient way.  We provide assessments for your network security, risk and data management protocols and any legal problems you may be facing.  


Our marketing experts will examine your exposure through various social media platforms and other advertising channels.  


Is your business expanding to new Geo locations?  Contact us for expert data analytics on Geo-political conflicts, risks and statistics.  

Our Fire and safety experts can assist with site plans, site assessments and training of personnel.   


Our Technological Forensic experts can assist with data recovery, employee theft and espionage and other technological investigations.  

Our professional training events offer cutting edge learning to develop your team in finance, marketing and technology.  Our Safety and awareness trainers can provide training, assessments and awareness for employees working in high-risk locations.    


Future Entrepreneurs 

If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, then don't hesitate.  Being your own boss is fantastic and rewarding!  We will get you started from scratch and then provide the continued support you need to reach your goals.  Our services include, registering your business, finding a location for an office, hiring staff, creating a website, advertising your company and more.  

We succeed together.  

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